1. I want to quickly see who is the last person to enter my door, can I search the recorded footage without hours of scrool back ?

all motion events will be recorded 7/24, and you can search"motion event" on the NVR side, all the motion event will be in red bar. You also can drag the time bar if you can remember an approximate time peroid, this will speed up the process to identify the video footage


2. Can i view multiple cameras at the same time through 1 monitor ?

Yes. There are multiple camera viewing layouts, you can split the view both through the mobile app and web browser from any pc


3. Can i listen live streaming audio video through my phone ?

Yes, it does very well, but be remembered that it's only one-way talking, you can only listen, but can not talking with others


4. Can i connect other poe ip cameras like GW Security or others which are onvif compliant ?

Yes, it does, our NVR system will work third-party IP cameras which supported with ONVIF conformance: Profile S, Profile G, Profile T


5. Can I watch live video with these 8 cameras simultaneously ?

yes you can


6. Does this poe camera system have to be connected to the internet to operate ?

When connected the NVR with these cameras, it does record 24 hours of videos without any internet connection, the NVR creates a Local Network for CCTV surveillance without the Internet. You can watch live viewing stream in local and record.


7. Is this system built in mic, does that means each camera has the ability to record audio ?

Yes, each camera has the ability to record audio, but you can only play one channel's audio at the same time


8. Why does it need to connect the NVR to the router ?

if you want to remotely view your cameras on your phone or tablet, you'll need to plug it into your router to stream the video via the internet. also it can work alone in local without connecting to a router but you will only be able to view on your monitor at home


9. Does this camera system runs seperately, can I selectively decide which cameras record on motion, and which record full time ?

There are several recording modes to meet your needs: 24/7 Record, recycle record, schedule record and motion detection record, you can customize each camera with different recording modes


10. Are these cameras weatherproof for outdoor use ?

Yes, they are IP66 waterproof camera.


11. Does this only record 24/7 ? Or I can schedule record time or record when it detects motion ?

yes, you could set up a record schedule to let camera record motions only, or you can schedule it for a 24/7, by time, by motion


12. Can I setup a poe switch between these cameras and the nvr ?

You can plug these cameras to a PoE switch and then connect the switch via an Ethernet cable directly to your router, but you need to connect the NVR to the same router as well


13. How many cameras can be viewed simultaneously on a local monitor ?

This depends on what type of NVR you have, it supports up to 16 cameras to live simultaneously on the monitor if you have a 16-ch poe system, for 8ch system, it supports up to 8 cameras to live simultaneously


14. Do these included cameras have face recognition ?

no, it can detect person only, our upcoming system will be available for face recognition and/or vehicle detection


15. Can i use 5mp cameras to connect with this 8mp NVR ?

Yes, you can, a 4K NVR will supports any 4MP/5MP/8MP poe cameras,and will work fine


16. Does this system have the ability to do text alert pictures when a motion is captured at any of the cameras ?

no, you can not, our system not support the text alerts, but you can set up email alerts with picture attached in any of the cameras or the push notification to your phone


17. Is this a h265+ poe camera system ?

No, our poe cameras or the poe NVR only support H264/H265


18. Can i use a remote to control it, streaming to watch on tv, if so where i can get the remote ?

no, this system not support the remote control


19. Does the system FPS at 4K stream ?

max 20fps in main stream.


20. Can multiple users view playback on mobile devices easily ? Another question is any subscription required ?

No, everything is recorded to the device, no need cloud subscription fee, and also this system has 1 main administrator, you can share 128 members to live stream views





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